March 2022

Reflexology is performed most frequently on the feet, but it can also involve the hands and ears. It is a long-standing therapy that comes from the understanding that certain nerves in the feet, hands, and ears relate to specific muscle groups and organs throughout the body.
Our guides believe that the nervous system impacts all of the body’s systems and bears some responsibility for the well-being of the whole body. By applying pressure to crucial nerve endings in the feet, hands, and ears, reflexologists can help their patients find significant relief from tension and pain and can bring a patient’s body back into balance.

No, reflexology is not massage. These two types of bodywork can be used in tandem for good health and relaxation, but they are different practices. Massage works from the outside in, manipulating soft tissues to relax the muscles. Reflexology, on the other hand, uses the body’s nervous system to provide healing from the inside out for the entire body.

Reflexology impacts the body’s circulatory, endocrine, immune, and respiratory systems. Our guides highlight the following eight benefits of reflexology:
1 RELEASE OF TENSION AND STRESS: Pressure is applied to specific points to help the body realign its energy so that the body can relax. Many note that the release of stress helps them recover from depression and anxiety, as well.
2 PAIN RELIEF: This is one of the top reasons people seek reflexology treatment. The body’s reflexes work to trigger muscle groups and organs so that they can get back into alignment and function properly. Reflexology is particularly popular for those with rheumatoid arthritis and migraines, but it is effective in treating many types of pain.
3 BOOSTS BODY CIRCULATION: Reflexology opens up the circulatory pathways so that blood flows freely to re-oxygenate all tissues and organs.
4 HELPS YOU ACHIEVE BETTER SLEEP: Relaxation and boosted circulation you receive from reflexology will help you fall asleep faster and stay in a deeper sleep state. Supports the immune system: By moving the body back into proper balance, reflexology helps the immune system do its job of fighting off infection. It assists in reducing inflammation throughout the body so you can enjoy overall well-being.
5 EASES PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS AND DELIVERY PAIN: The benefits of reflexology are particularly evident for women during childbirth. The reduction in pain and anxiety brings comfort through the whole process and can even help ward off postpartum depression.
6 SPEEDIER HEALING: By improving your body’s circulation and reducing its pain response, reflexology helps you recover from injuries and surgery more quickly.