Transforming your health starts with transforming your mindset. It doesn’t matter how healthily you eat or how often you go to the gym. Your mind needs to be at optimal health for your body to process all the nutritional value from your food and your body to respond to your exercise.  

Our unique approach to wellness addresses all areas together thanks to our holistic wellness ethos, which is precisely researched, backed by credible science, and authentically curated. Our BioTech addresses your fitness, helping you to get fitter and stronger faster. While our holistic therapies, sound healing and treatments take care of your mindset and spiritual health, which are just as essential.

Coming through the doors at Grey Wolfe means entering a space where you are held, so you can create the space inside you to hold what matters. After all, what lies behind us or ahead of us is not as important as what lies within us.



When you embrace stillness, you engage in meaningful self-reflection. That’s why as a Grey Wolfe member, your time and space is entirely your own. You won’t share it with anyone other than your guest should you choose to bring one. You can stay up to four hours within a single day, which is our recommended time for you to reset and recharge privately.  

Each time you come, you can access any of our treatments and services. Our specialist team remain discreetly on hand to curate an Attuned Recharge programme based on how you feel that day and what you would like to achieve.  

Each visit is totally bespoke and tailored to your needs to ensure you fully reignite your inner light.

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